Warcraft 3 wine issue

Hi guys! i am coming from linux mint. What i want to do is play Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne but when i do a right-click on the WARFT.exe and select open with wine the game icon shows and screen flickers but it does not launch, only changes my resolution to 800X600. It worked flawlessly on linux mint but can’t seem to get it right, i have exhausted all my google searches. Please help!

The messages are quite clear. There is a missing gstreamer plugin (AVI) and you’re asked if Gstreamer plugins good are installed in 32-bit architecture. Maybe that is already enough to solve the problem. If not, we’ll have a closer look.

Did you follow these installation procedures?
If not, do it. Should be enough to get you going.

You could also try searching for “32” in the ArchWiki.

Ah man silly old me, i got it fixed! thanks alot guys!
What i did was install gst-plugins-good with yay and it fixed the problem.

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It’s always helpful for others with similar problems if you provide a solution/fix to the problem once you come up with one. :wink:

[Edit: Thanks for the update!]

Was it gst-plugins-good or lib32-gst-plugins-good? Just to clearify for other people with the same problem.

The exact command i replied with