Wanting to install on Oryx Pro with Coreboot

It probably got removed when you tried installing Nvidia drivers. Make sure you run the test first!

The test is using the -t option.

Maybe but i diden’t get past the download stage . I entered folder i downloaded to and opened it in terminal , got stuck when it needed extra privliges to install . read more and came here for help .
No big deal , trying again , back shortly with results .

It should be

yay -S nvidia-installer-dkms


sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer-dkms

I gotta head back into work here so my phone won’t work inside. Be back later in an hour or so.

Thank you Rick , should have results by then . Good timing as i need a little brain break . lol

All worked perfect ! What a stress relief . All working awesome !
I just installed System76 packages found through Yay , went into nvidia-settings . there i looked at power mizer , prefered mode , and with the 3 offered settings of ( auto , adaptive , prefer maximum performance ) defaulted to auto . Seems fans spin up more often than before after installing the System76 power management package . Will be trial and error over the next couple days setting things just perfect . In truth it might be perfect already , don’t know yet but so far , really impressed with this laptop .
I’m really happy i choose the Oryx Pro over Lenovo Legion .

Although I might need more help down the road , all perfect now .
I want to give a big thank you to all who helped me . THANK YOU !


Well…how are you making out?

Edit: I see you got it now!

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Excellent job @Moonfrog :clap:

Maybe we should make a wiki post about how to install EndeavourOS on this system.


I have been waiting to see someone install EndeavourOS on a system76 product to see how it works with their hardware. A couple of users here have been asking.

Hey Ricklinux , all working super . Thank You for your great help !
So far this laptop is awesome , it’s the new 2020 model and looks totally different from previous model . I think it looks alot more professional . Only lights on keyboard and start button . Simple and clean looking . Sound not bad , 7 out of 10 maybe 8 . Coreboot no problem .
ORYX PRO with Endeavour , best combo ever . Perfect match .

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If i might ask how much difference in price was this versus the Lenovo Legion? Were the specs comparable?

Hey Rick , i went with System76 for a couple reasons . Main reason was Coreboot . After reading some articales about Lenovo having spyware in the bios turned me off ! Second , one of the KDE developers put an articale out complaining of his headaches with his new Lenovo ( not Legion model ) but still for him to deal with headaches being a main KDE developer , big turn off . Although Lenovo are coming out with some models having Fedora , the 2 other reasons sent me to System76 .
Lenovo diden’t know thier own computers . Over the phone was nightmare as i had to educate them about their own products .
System76 were just awesome , knew their stuff , no over sell .
At the time Lenovo diden’t have same specs as System76 .
Cpu was only i7 10750 were System76 have i7 10875 . 8 core 16 threads , 2 more cores better . Plus the Oryx Pro way more upgradable than the Lenovo . Oryx Pro 144 refesh rate Lenovo 120 .
Pricing , Oryx Pro 17inch , i7 10875 , 1 TB NVMe drive , 16 gigs 2933 ram , RTX 2070 max-q . With 1 year shipping warrenty $69 and $160 shipping plus laptop with above specs. Invoice says total $2366 US. After converting total was $ 3488 cdn. The Lenovo Legion was about same price but older CPU 10750 , only 120 refresh rate . I think their ram was sodered too , not sure . Plus the Oryx Pro mostly all aluminum case opposed to all plastic from Lenovo . System76 case is a Clevo , same used by Origin laptops . Very strong . Being Canadian no duty at border , only Sask tax of 5 or 6 percent . Bonus ! Need more info let me know !

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No that’s awesome. I am also impressed with their products. Looks like they have great sales & service also. Glad you got everything up & running. Now you can enjoy!

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Funny thing is i was set on a Lenovo 17 inch Legion . At the time none were available . Had to wait , more time to research . Good thing to as the KDE developer articile opened my eyes fast . The Developer stated he was concidering System76 and Lenovo , choose Lenovo and wished he went with System76 instead . He choose Lenovo with headaches , I choose System76 FREEDOM …
Again Ricklinux , thank you very much for all your help !


As a side note, this was old news, Lenovo removed them with a BIOS update in 2015.
Also, the spyware was related to Windows users, so Lenovo could push out notifications to their Windows users for “safety” reasons.

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Yes , this is true . But only after being caught ! Is it not a definition of a ROOTKIT . Reminds me of Norton and thier excuses given after being caught using ROOTKIT , BG music was another . That’s just the tip of the iceberg !
Never the less , I like Lenovo , not sure why but i do !
Over the last few years , we learned backdoors have been hidden in alot of hardware . Bios = Man behind the curtain , who is he , Linus or Gates ? Coreboot solves bios threat . Hopefully anyways .

Funny that with the fast growth of Coreboot , Libreboot and others , the the US Government now pushing to mandate that all Computers have backdoors . This tells me that Coreboot was a success to some level .
We People are strange , we cry and wine how we need Computers built for Open/Source , Linux . Then we get a few People who step up to the plate to give us what we wanted . Yet we in return ignore these Companies , again supporting the same Companies that we were crying and wineing about .
Simple , Start shopping for a new Computer as a Linux user and now you’s become a gambler . 10 years ago I did this with a Toshiba Laptop , and lost ! Did it again 5 years later with a $300.00 Asus and won ! Get a new Computer with latest hardware , good luck .
Now we have Computers designed for Linux , latest hardware and fully supported . No more gambeling required .
SUPPORT the Community , not the enemy !