Wanted: Working dark GTK3 Theme for Plasma5

Looking for a working dark GTK3 Theme for Plasma5.
All Themes I tried give me trouble on certain websites in Firefox 95, as they display white text on white background, where black text should be displayed.
Any Ideas?

Have you tried using breeze?

I have. That gives me white text on white background.

I don’t have that issue, what settings are you using in firefox?

You may want to uncheck “Use system colors” in Firefox.

If I have issues like that I use this extension for Firefox:

Are you really looking for a useful tip or are you planning to decline every single tip you receive over here?

A veteran user like you must have tried more than ten themes, so why not make it easier and list those you don’t like, so it will save time for everyone over here.

To be honest, I’m surprised you’re looking for a GTK theme, hence your previous opinions on GTK over here and on the Antergos forum.


I am looking for a useful tip. I have no idea what happened, I had no problems with light/white text on light/white background until one or two days ago, maybe some upgrade caused the problems with white text on white background, so I am looking for a solution, as white text on white background is not readable, and selecting everything on a website to make the text readble is not really convenient, especially if you work with screenshots sometimes.


Forget it, that addon requires too much access to my content and settings. This simply doesn’t soundtrustworthy to me.

Did you try what I suggested above?

Suit yourself.

Perhaps try this one. It will automagically adapt to your plasma theme.

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This may be useful?

Also, how about Dark Reader extension?

If you tell me where to find the use system colors setting in Firefox 95, I will try that suggestion.

Settings->Language and Appearance->Colors

There are no color settings under Language and Appearance in FF95.

There are for me.



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I have looked a little bit deeper into the issue, seems to be a Firefox problem, which can’t be solved with different themes, so I will have to live with it for a while or look into different browsers (I hate chromium based browsers by the way :wink: )
Thanks everyone so far for their suggestions.

Firefox Colors lets you build your own themes. Haven’t used it myself but the hexcodes of Orchis or Qogir (both available in KDE/Kvantum & GTK) should get you somewhere.

Dark Reader addon?

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