Wanted to try and help out

Hey everyone. I’m a web development student in college. I started using Linux full time about a year ago and tried out many Linux distributions.

I have found this distribution to be my favorite for a number of reasons. Saying that I wanted to make something that might help other web development students or just general users.

So I made a GitHub repository to show how to get applications and tools up and running quickly without searching everywhere.
I wrote a python script as well as an npm package that will compile code in your bash terminal and fetch various applications listed in the GitHub readme.md. From my tests everything is working. The script will fetch and download a bunch of apps and tools automatically for you. If you already have the tools or apps it will check and update if necessary.

My npm package has had almost 5k downloads in a month.

To check it out visit my GitHub at https://github.com/quelchlax/endeavour-os

To check out my npm package visit:

Both sites cover same topic for Arch based Linux distributions.

I hope this might help somebody out or inspire a Windows or Mac user to consider switching to Linux. Because for my work needs. I just don’t see why you would want to use something else.



Looks interesting, though possibly slightly “overweight” compared to a shell script to automate installing a few packages?

I only made the script for self purposes as I was distribution hopping a lot between a few of my computer’s. Wanted something to just compile things I would write into my shell. Plus as a learning web developer and some things I have learned over the last few months I just wanted to tinker with some code to do some things for myself. More experimental. But I figure I document something’s in case maybe one day some one like myself in a similar situation might see this and think hey maybe doing some things on Linux ain’t so hard. Because a year ago I never thought I would switch to Linux from windows and macOS.

But it is overweight just made it out of boredom. Cheers.