Wallpaper keeps reverting back to welcome.app defaults

Hi, I use sway, and the wallpaper image keeps reverting back to default at each session, eventhough I disabled the welcome app. Any idea ?

last version, blabla… :wink:

change the wallpaper in
nano .config/sway/config.d/theme

# Set wallpaper:
exec swaybg -i ~/.config/sway/sway.png

or comment if you use another

# Set wallpaper:
#exec swaybg -i ~/.config/sway/sway.png

edit: i dont use welcome app

I don’t know what’s in my mind these times… I hadn’t thought of the obvious !
But still, the welcome app isn’t synchronized with this config file… it makes little sense.

but welcome has an implementation to set wallpaper at first login after install…
But I think we do removed that for the C_E ? @manuel

Could you show the result of commands:

  ls -l ~/.config/EOS-initial-*

and does the latter command actually change your wallpaper?