VSCode on EndeavorOS - headstart into this - setup etc. etx

hi there
i want to install VSCode (or lets say VSCodium) on EndeavorOS - headstart into this - setup etc. etx. - note: i want to run it for / in a Python developer-environment…

so lets start: i also want to install vscode or VSCodium

as @s4ndm4n
in this thread VSCode on EndeavorOS - #23 by freebird54

mentioned i guess its the best method to:

As many pointed out don’t use snaps on an Arch-based system. Snaps is for Ubuntu, not Arch. Anyway you can use the AUR to install almost anything you can’t find in the Arch or enos repositories.

enos does ship with yay which is AUR helper which you can use to install user-hosted packages. Which is far better than snaps.

Jus use yay -S you don’t need sudo process will ask for it if needed. From the AUR you can get ,

code-git 7AUR (in-development open-source version)
visual-studio-code-bin 55AUR (Microsoft-branded release)
visual-studio-code-insiders-bin 6AUR (Microsoft-branded release, updated daily)
vscodium-bin 3AUR (community-driven fully open-source version of VSCode, with all Microsoft telemetry stripped out - latest release, binary package)
vscodium 4AUR (community-driven fully open-source version of VSCode, with all Microsoft telemetry stripped out - latest release, git build)
vscodium-git 2AUR (community-driven fully open-source version of VSCode, with all Microsoft telemetry stripped out - latest commit on branch master, git build)
From Arch official repository.

code 18 (open-source release)
If you’re doing any MonoDevelopment it is best to go with VSCode from Microsoft if not all is good.

SOURCE: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Visual_Studio_Code#Installation

and - in the same thread @sal

mentioned here:

he said that we get the free and opensource version of vs code if you want the regular vscode from Microsoft you can get it by doing so

yay -S visual-studio-code-bin

which way would you go now…

The code package in the repos will give you the open source version. I’ve never tried it.
I go for the Regular VSCode which is there in the AUR. I also go for the bin version so I don’t need to build it myself.
so just do

yay -S visual-studio-code-bin

It works even on ARM

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hello dear sradjoker - first of all many many thanks for the quick reply with your great tipp

i am very glad you gage me the tipp: see what i have got back:

[martin@martineos ~]$ yay -S visual-studio-code-bin
:: Prüfe auf mögliche Konflikte...
:: Prüfe auf mögliche interne Konflikte...
[Repo:1]  lsof-4.96.3-1
[Aur:1]  visual-studio-code-bin-1.72.2-1

:: (1/1) PKGBUILD heruntergeladen: visual-studio-code-bin
  1 visual-studio-code-bin           (Build-Dateien sind vorhanden)
==> Diffs zeigen?
==> [N] Keine [A]lle [Ab]brechen [I]nstalliert [No]nicht installiert oder (1 2 3, 1-3, ^4)

btw: sorry for the german langauage - the next time i set this to english
but for now: what would you do - what should i do now!?

love to hear from you

You have asked similar questions before. You are asking it again.
Go look for what we have said before and use those as suggestions.
Additionally read documentation on yay using

man yay

Everything is in the documentation. You just need to learn and remember.


hi there
many thanks for the reply - YES i will do so.
thanks alot for your help.


Using LANG=C to get the results of a command printed in English has been explained to you at least twice before:


vscodium-bin works fine for me on x86