VPN security in Plasma-nm

Hope that this topic title will help for those looking for help with NetworkManager that doesn’t seem to work like its Gnome equivalent.

Having just switched to the Plasma DE for a reinstallation of my desktop PC, I am still feeling my way around how KDE works as I am used to the Network manager in XFCE which used to be the standard after an EndeavourOS installation. In fact, I have always chosen this DE in other distros I’ve used, but I came across this repeated failure to connect when using a VPN configuration especially with the pre-configured “ovpn” settings.

In my previous environments the addition of a VPN connection was no problem and I had even used the procedure advised for a manual configuration by my VPN provider and using Openvpn it had always worked. Trying to repeat this procedure seems more complicated with Plasma-nm becaues there are a lot more options available. However, I discovered by looking at the logs of journalctl that it uses a default AES-256-GCM as the security cipher, but the logs very helpfully warned me about this stating that I should use AES-256-CBC.

Sure enough when I returned to the GUI interface of Plasma-nm and chose the “Security” tab I could see the default setting which needed to be changed. As soon as I corrected this and tried my modified VPN connection, it worked!

I hope this might help others who may have switched from XCFE or Gnome DE usign the same Network Manager to the Plasma environment and struggle with VPN connections.

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