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Hello and welcome @adi2137 :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

Yeah i am adi20_01 on telegram

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I loved unity, had a lot of neat features like global menu and you could search menu options with the desktop search… Sometimes I know what the thing I’m looking for is called I just forgot where it is. More than 90% of the desktop was usable without a mouse. To this day I’m putting my taskbars on the left.

I remember I started using it when it came out in ~2011. It was 1st year university, everyone was coming to me and asking what I’m using, even professors. I would probalby still be using ubuntu if unity was around.


I thought some group had forked Unity and continued developing it after Canonical abandoned it?

you talking about this?

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Possibly. I really don’t know that much about it since I never liked Unity. I just thought I remembered reading that some group had forked it and continued it’s development. But it kinda looks like it.

a clear picture :wink:


Looks good to me. :nerd_face:

Switch my vote from Plasma to Budgie. Easier and more appealing. Bluetooth seems to be more stable, which totally does not make sense to me.