Vote! (the only Poll with impact)

Just stick with Gnome since you can’t decide. :laughing:

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Don’t be on the B team now! We Xfce’ers and KDE’ers have to stick together & watch out for the Gnome’ers! :rofl:


Sooner or later you will make up your mind. :rofl:

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Well - for sure Gnome isn’t watching out for them! They have many good ideas, then take the least favourable route to implementation. Soon only Gnome fanatics will be on it (by choice, anyway) - although some commercial entities might foist it on their workers…

I don’t think that looks at all alike honestly.

We really need a chainsaw emoji. You know, for democracy :rofl:


I see :eyes: you know me not my free-will but chainsaw i bet also not… :laughing: :chains:

I am unsure if this is the right place to place this question, but here it goes: what about hyprland? I have seen some pretty cool stuff and heard nice things about it. Does E OS plan to include it? I think wayland-wise it is a fine WM and it would be nice to have something more bare-bones than KDE and GNOME.


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But it upsets @ricklinux who is a KDE evangelist. :innocent:

Balanced must the force be.


Ok, since you think gnome is better I will do so!


I use mostly i3wm btw :laughing:

It’s not better it’s just different like cauliflower and broccoli! It’s a different taste. Makes me want to :face_vomiting:

Kde on the other hand is like desert. You just can’t get enough. :rofl:


:rofl: you are hilarious. But strange thing I like :broccoli:

I don’t eat broccoli. Yuk! :laughing:

I’ve changed my vote to GNOME as an affirmative action in support of an oppressed minority :white_check_mark:


I thought KDE’s similarity to Windows was especially true in the early 2000s, when there weren’t many desktop environments.

Windows 11 is indeed a bit similar to the current Gnome, but even more so to macOS.

Currently it’s giving windows-like experience but way more better than Windows itself.
Windows reached it’s peak in times of the Win7, everything after is abominations beyond human comprehension. But KDE continues to evolve closer to perfection.

Also, it’s can be easily tuned to look and work like GayMacOS/gnome.



Plasma ofc


i bet i saw you on telegram before :wink: welcome at the forum too! :enos: