Volume controls are buggy

Noob here. Please be gentle.

My volume controls started becoming buggy yesterday. Whenever I use the mouse wheel on the widget, or the keyboard volume controls the volume will change by one increment and then just stop. The audible popping sound of the keys registering is still there, but the actual volume doesn’t change. The volume displayed in the box in the middle of the screen also stays the same.
When I click on the widget to open up the audio control window I get the following behaviour. When I rest the mouse button on the volume slider and roll the mouse wheel, the volume (and volume display) behave properly. When I click on different places on the slider the volume changes, but the volume percentage remains unchanged. Using the volume buttons shows the same behaviour as before.
Everything worked the previous day.
I have checked pavucontrol and everything seems normal.
I have searched in this forum, but none of the posts seem to help.
Any help would be appreciated. Like I said, the buttons seem to register and work for one increment, then the buttons keep working but the volume stops changing.

Nope, never mind. The problem fixed itself a couple of days later. Still don’t know what went on, but the issue is moot now.

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