Vmware makes my system crash

When I use vmware, my system is fine. But when the virtual machine uses disk (e.g. copying files), my whole host freezes.
Could you help?


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Hardware infos: https://0x0.st/HrqA.txt
Boot log: https://0x0.st/ // removed for privacy //
Other logs (journalctl --since “20 minutes ago”): https://0x0.st // removed for privacy //

feb 11 11:05:32 nicolo-pc-arch vmplayer[2425]: removable-device-3-edit: missing action removable-device-3-edit

Memory: 3.63 GiB used: 2.56 GiB (70.7%)

this will be the issue … it runs out of memory

Of ram, you say?
It should use swap…

What do you mean by “privacy”? What private infos did I enter?

uncleaned journals including a lot of data like UUIDS IP addresses filenames username

you can try setting swappiness:

But running VM with limited RAM will not be smooth as host will need already around 2 GB to run fine… try to use a low value for the VM too can help… or consider using virtmanager or qemu itself…