Vmdk access to EndeavourOS via vbox

Vbox host runs on Manjaro just fine. Several other VMDK guest access that work, IE Mint, MXLinux, windows 10.
Installed EndeavourOS native on a partition and it boots fine. Next I built the VMDK file to access EndeavourOS but it wont boot, just hangs waiting for a while, then drops into a bash prompt. Looked at logs don’t see anything obvious.

(Also, how do I post a screen shot of vbox main menu showing vbox setup ?)

New to this forum, so not sure I posted to the correct category…?

Figured out the issue, EndeavourOS builds a different grub entry for Eos, then Manjaro Grub. So close this one as “understood”. Looks like EndeavourOS will hit the bit bucket as it has to run VMDK virtual on my system.

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