VM software install?

what is the recommended software for running vms?
I haven’t got a burning desire to boot up any vms, I’m just interested in where vm software is going vs docker vs flatpack vs snap vs anything else that gets ‘invented’ for testing/isolation/whatever! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ok I did a quick rtfm and discovered qemu, so…
sudo pacman -S qemu
and suddenly this vm window sprang up!!! i’m impressed, I just need something bootable now lol :crazy_face:

There are also VirtualBox (I use that quite much) and vmware-workstation (that is in AUR).


i use personal virt-manager in combination with qemu . also using ovmf to emulate Efi… :slight_smile:

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Virtualbox is doing a good job for me. I am running up to 4 (Windows) VMs in parallel…


Windoze oh my Tom I think you need to seek help for that :scream::laughing:

Oh well, the fact that I run (and enjoy) Linux doesn’t put food on the table :innocent:

The reason to call out the client OS was purely for illustrating that Virtualbox can handle multiple resource hogs in parallel, on a laptop by the way.

As far as I understand, QEMU has some advantages over Virtualbox as it uses KVM. Some time ago I tried to install Windows (for work and some gaming) on a Linux-host as KVM uses the underlying hardware more efficently. Of course I failed because of the licensing of Windows on a virtual machine as I only had some OEM-Licenses. :roll_eyes:
If you have relatively new hardware that supports hardware-virtualisation you may benefit from that. No need for Dualboot. Yay. :yum: