Vlc + Elisa, and shutdown and startup issues

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It is my first time in plasma, from Xfce, because I wanted to get out of my confort GTK zone; I have a couple of cuestions, I put the in the same post.

First, I had some minor annoyance with VLC, so traded it for the flatpak one, when uninstalling the repo one, I realized Elisa is a depencency of Vlc,
I am wondering why, i don’t want to remove it, I use Elisa, I installed the Flatpak too, but has a few bugs.

Second, when I use plasma to shutdown, it has a waiting time of 30 secs, I can’t find where in the settings to change this value.


That is a fair question. I build elisa-git from AUR and it doesn’t require vlc.

That being said, you can have both the repo version and the flatpak installed. They shouldn’t conflict.

I feel your pain :sweat_smile:

Go to System settings -> Startup & Shutdown -> Desktop session
Disable :white_check_mark: Confirm logout option


It seems Elisa prefers VLC as media playback backend, but it is going to fallback to QT framework facilities if not available. So technically it is only “recommended”, but arch extra has it as “dependency”.

VLC works fine here on plasma, except it doesn’t close reliably when using the x window button.

Yeah, I guess a little ballast won’t sink the ship xDD,

Yeah, sometimes also forgets my preferences

Found it,

I can only set one as the solution, so don’t take it personal xD
Thx everyone,

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No worries, i don’t care about bounty hunt, as long as it just helps someone :wink: