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Vivaldi partners with Neeva search engine for an add-free search.


To get Neeva for Vivaldi on desktop or Android, we recommend you start by signing up for a Neeva account first here. (Early adopters get the first 3 months free, then it’s $4.95/mo.) Then, go to Settings > Search and select Neeva from the Default Search Engine drop-down menu. If you aren’t already signed into Neeva when searching, you will be briefly directed to a sign in page before getting your search results.

Well, the search engine is advert-free so they need to make money from somewhere. They’re transparent about it, unlike some free search engines that say and do shady stuff. And being a partner Vivaldi gets part of the action so they don’t have to do what some other browsers do.

I am sure Neeva is paying Vivaldi for that privilege.

Given the privacy implications of using Neeva, I would rather use an adblocker to get an ad-free search.


I agree but it’s our choice.

Neeva is the brainchild of ex-Google executives, who had a vision of giving users a better way to search and experience the internet. Neeva only shows you true search results – no ads or affiliate links. And, because Neeva runs on a subscription model, they are accountable only to their users, not advertisers.

Just wanted to emphasize what I said earlier.

This would be my preference as well. A privacy respecting browser (read Firefox) + addblockers.

If you directly access a search engine then they will still track your IP address (e.g. Google will “tailor” results to a region, and even to an IP).

Something like Searx or Whoogle could work, but only if it’s aggregating searches from many different people, otherwise it’s effectively the same as accessing the engine directly (one IP with one usage pattern).

Paying for a service should mean they are much less likely to sell on your data, or profile you to “tailor” their service, but privacy definitely remains an issue.

For me, the best way to use search engines is via Tor Browser.

Sure but there are lots of ways for me to hide or change my ip address either temporarily or permanently. Giving them my full name and physical address is quite a lot more intrusive.

I am not so sure about that.

Neeva does personalize/tailor search results based on not only your search history but data they gather from external data sources.


Yuck. Pass.


Release of version 4.3


I agree. And that gives another minus point for Vivaldi, sorry …