Virtualbox unstable

I installed Virtualbox and tried to get a Windows 10 guest up and running and it is very glitchy. I get random BSOD’s at random times and when it does run for a few minutes the graphics are showing random errors. I though maybe it was a memory problem, but I ran Memtest86 for 10 cycles and it passed. I have not tried this with a Linux guest but am installing one now to see if there is any issues.

I have one piece of software that requires Windows and I just don’t trust Microsoft enough to give them a full install and access to my mic and network, so a virtual machine is my only hope. Has anyone else had issues with Virtualbox? I have ran it in the past with no problems on a Debian machine with official .deb files, but now I am using Arch with an AUR install so I might be doing something wrong.

Have a read through here
and maybe here


So it looks like it was the lts kernel. When I booted from the regular one it works flawlessly. I guess I can’t use the lts kernel. The same situation also applied to my laptop which works now. Thanks for the help.

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