Video: Will there be fewer Arch based Linux Distros in the future

DT released a new interesting video

I agree with some points and disagree with most. I think distros like :enos: provide a lot more than repos and easy install. It’s the support system like the forum, where it is much easier to find help and is friendlier than the arch forums.

What are your thoughts?

People desire and are driven to create (or destroy) things and for better or worse that is a by-product of our nature. Get a bunch of people together, with a similar goal, and you have a community, and a sense of purpose for things. People will bend over backwards to keep their thing alive so long as it gives them meaning and a purpose. He’s right to a degree in that there isn’t a need for 100’s of derivatives of Linux, but he really neglects to mention that people are curious and want to create things for various reasons. You could say there’s no need to create thousands of impressionist paintings, but then there would be no Monet if that was the case. Because people want to do things differently, derivatives keep happening. Look at Fedora, it is a solid, user-friendly distro, but that hasn’t stopped the Ultramarine and Nobara Project devs from making it even more user-friendly to align with their own visions.

Most of the video though just feels like a rehashing of topics that have been discussed ad nauseam, so there’s nothing really new to learn here, other than his take on users making repos instead of distros in the future, which I don’t agree with, but 10 years from now who knows what things will look like, maybe Silverblue-this, Rawhide-that, and LeapWeed will all people will really need, who really knows. What I do know is right now I’m happy and comfortable where things are going and thankfully I’m not dreading the future, but looking forward to where things go from here. Change isn’t always easy, but progress always happens given enough time.


…and a new distro! And I would say go for it why not. Who is to decide if there is a “need” for a new distro or not.

Plurality makes progress. New ideas will arise, cross-breeding each other and leading to new and interesting results even if at the first glance things seem to be a repetition of what has been there before. That’s the nature of Evolution. Just look at EndeavourOS!

I am so glad that there is no Central Committee in the FOSS world who decides what is needed to be done and who is going to do that.


The popularity of Manjaro and EOS show that lots of people like using arch based distros.

Since Arch itself will always have a pretty big following, there will continue to be spinoffs


Not really a fan of DT videos. :broccoli:


Someone here was prophesizing that Arch based distros would become extinct, when immutable systems, such as Fedora Silverblue become the norm, if I understood that sentiment correctly.
I think this may eventually hold true in the future.

I liked him when I first started using Linux back in November but now as I learned about Linux I don’t like him so much. But his style is very attractive to new users and he is misinforming them about many things.


I don’t like his style. :man_shrugging:


Because you’re an experienced linux user and know better. How will beginners in linux know? They just start with popular content creators.

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They will learn, too, like us and all others.

I find he’s just too annoying in how he presents everything. Talks way too much and too fast. The videos have way too much content included. It’s way too challenging to listen to it without it hurting my head. :laughing:


I couldn’t have said it better myself :wink: :sweat_smile:

How I now imagine @ricklinux when they watch YouTube videos:

(from the movie Big Trouble in Little China, a true 1980s classic btw!)


I like Ermanno’s videos …


I did my first arch install in a VM watching Ermanno’s monthly arch install video and reading the wiki simultaneously

Immutable systems are cool and have some advantages, but I don’t see them being the norm. They can come with some serious headaches when you stray too far out of their box.

One example is Silverblue AFAIK if you try to replace grub will stop being able to update. That’s fine for anyone using it ootb but not great for others using things like efistub, systemd-boot, or refind


It’s like his way is the only way

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Always the self-congratulating expert.


He claims Arcolinux is his daily driver, but I rarely see hi using it.
The video is TL;DW

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That doesn’t mean I need to listen to him. This OP’s video was the first, and the last one, afaict.