Video problem with YT films

The following problem is occurring:

Youtube films play nicely as the sound with it.

When I have to reboot however, YT films seem to start but go stuck after 2 seconds. The sound which is with it ,plays, to a certain point and is starting to loop from the beginning.

When I leave the lot alone and try to watch it after an hour or 4 it all runs fine. The rest of the computer runs fine.
What might that be?

Instead of us playing guessing games maybe you can get more specific.

What is The Browser you are using? What is the hardware of your machine? What DE? Are you using an adblock?

Thank you for your friendly answer
I use Firefox on a AMD 6 core box, 32 gig memory. Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590]I don’t know what DE means, Yes I’m using ad block.
But the phenomenon is exposing itself with every browser: Vivaldi, Opera, Chromium, as well as Chrome. those without an ad block

Desktop Environment: e.g. KDE / Plasma, Gnome,…

OK that’s XFCE4

It’s probably YouTube. Google is being petty for folks using Firefox and ad blockers doing odd things like dropping video or sound so you use chrome instead.

With out logs its going to be hard for us to guess.

This is also a strong possibility. It could also be your local network.

Have you tried other video streaming formats if this issue recurs? (Like Netflix, Disney+ or your local TV network website)

I assume this is a Ryzen 5 with 6 cores, it could also mean that the system has issues choosing between the integrated graphics on the CPU (If the model ships it) and your Radeon videocard. A bit more info would be appreciated.

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I don’t have those things. I have a 1000B/s glass fibre internet connection.

I will follow that up.

Try playing a video from this website:

you can rightclick on the youtube video and display statistics and technical informations, screenshots of those statistics could also help (when the issue occurs and when it does not occur)

Strangly enough, after about 4 hours the issue is solved on its own, until I reboot again.

May not be you persay as much as it could be issues that your Provider is having.

As @Bryanpwo asked does this happen on other content platform sites such as Odysee, Rumble or any other platform service.

Do you have issues with local play?

Google slows down Firefox or “ad blockers”

Read about it


Did you try to download the video ? With yt-dlp for example :

yt-dlp ''

so that you can confirm if the problem is the network or video playback.