/var/lib/bluetooth/adapterAddress/ has no device id folder

I tried to fix the re-pairing issue on my dual boot system by following a guide to get the key. Except my airbuds were not pairing so I ended up deleting the folder to try to get it to pair again. I have managed to fix the pairing issue however now there is no folder for this device. The adapter folder only has a cache folder and settings file. cache folder however does have a file with my devices id on it.


can you post the link to this guide?

usually under /var/lib/bluetooth/adapterAdress/ first folder is the BT-Adapter itself, inside you will have known devices …

As it can be that there are more then this place where BT-STACK is storing device information… it could be that the removal was not completely remove all info on your Air-Buds…

What i know is that if you dualboot with other OS it can mess up that keys and what i do is simple remove the headset from BT and reconnect (pair/trust) it…

Would be interesting to have another solution here!

[root@empowered64 joekamprad]# cd /var/lib/bluetooth/
[root@empowered64 bluetooth]# ls
[root@empowered64 bluetooth]# cd 10\:15\:83\:4D\:0D\:57/
[root@empowered64 10:15:83:4D:0D:57]# ls
10:12:3D:00:4D:1C  cache  settings
[root@empowered64 10:15:83:4D:0D:57]# cd 10\:12\:3D\:00\:4D\:1C/
[root@empowered64 10:12:3D:00:4D:1C]# ls

ID’s are not real :wink:

Yes but under my adapter folder there is no other device address folders. Its just cache and settings.

I should also add that I have to manually add the device from kde bluetooth menu everytime I want to connect and it is not saved in the menu.

i do try to reproduce this here, but if i remove device folder they get rebuild when i do pair them again, this can be done with bluetoothctl or bt-manager (i do have blueberry)

what if you place them back?
i do some more testing and i would try to remove the adapter folder also, then reboot and it will be recreated

I reinstalled endeavor os and fixed it. Now device works on both windows and linux.