Uuid on second drive


What would cause the uuid on a drive to change? I have a second ext4 drive mounted automatically in my fstab. Today my computer wouldn’t boot, so I had to go in and comment out the drive in fstab. Found out that the uuid had changed and once I put the new uuid in fstab it booted fine.

Did it change spontaneously? I never heard of such an occurrence.
Formatting a partition would change the UUID else I don’t know.


You know I bet that was it. I forgot that I had reformatted the drive. Thanks

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for non-essentail drives (read not / and not /home mount points) I add the nofail to the fstab entries.
That way the system boots even if the drive is no longer accessible.

Related to boot problems, have you checked the contents of /boot/grub/grub.cfg (assuming you use grub)? That file uses UUIDs too.

Edit: re-read you later post, seems that the problem is already solved.

Could you mark the solving post by another forum-member as solution, please? - Thanks.

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