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Salut, nouveau sur eos j’ai installé Discover sans soucis. il se lance mais m’annonce une erreur "Discover ne peut pas actuellement être utilisé pour l’installation de n’importe quelle application car aucun moteur n’est disponible.
Ya t’il une solution pour son fonctionnement?

Please excuse me for replying in Anglais, but this is your answer:

yay packagekit-qt5

However Discover has been known to cause problems, so it is not recommended. EOS recommends the usage of yay on the terminal.

Hi onyxnz, thanks i understand but for install many applications what i can use, pamac-aur or others? or only install with the terminal?

You can use Discover, but it doesn’t handle the AUR. You can use pamac-all, which is more reliable, and does handle the AUR if you tell it to. But both of them have had their issues in the past year, which is why for reliability EOS is “terminal-based” when it comes to package management. There simply isn’t a great package manager available on Arch that is GUI-based.

Another option you may want to have a look it is bauh.

ok i understand then now i must use the terminal
Thanks for the reply :wink:

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Hi, I use pamac-all, it works well, and I can search among AUR packages, snaps and flatpaks (if needed). Manages updates without problem.
Excellent “software center” for an arch based distro.

Hi pap33,
I have already tested this program that I used with Arolinux (there are still two days :smirk:) but I also need to learn to use the terminal :roll_eyes:

This is not a solution.

Please, mark the post that solved your issue as the solution!

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