Using tab in rofi?

Is there a way to press tab to past the selected item in input field on rofi, like in dmenu ?
Thanks for answers.

should be that…

Why this specific button? Is there any reason?
In rofi, Tab is the default to go to the next entry.
Using normal paste shortcut works in the same way as anywhere else.
For example, I paste clipboard in rofi with Ctrl+V. :person_shrugging:

now i understand the question :wink: … thanks !

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Well, in dmenu, when you press tab, it past the selected item on the input field.
Example :

  • I want to run killall -q polybar
  • I start typing “kill”
  • I select the killall option with the arrows keys and press tab : there is writen killall in the input field
  • I can type the rest of my command without having to type “killall” entirely

AFAIK, rofi doesn’t work like this.

rofi has a lot more features than dmenu provides, and I guess this is too restrictive to function. But I am no expert in rofi, just a user. :person_shrugging:

Can you paste clipboard contents in dmenu? Just wondering…

You might want to ask upstream for a better answer, or maybe another rofi user can answer here.

No, I can’t past clipboard content in dmenu :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Sorry, I discovered that I can use Ctrl+space on rofi to do that. Thank you for your answers…

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You can list current keybindings with:

rofi -show keys

According to this list, Ctrl+Space is just selecting the highlighted item, meaning the 1st item that is found after filtering.
If that was what you were looking for, it is fine, but I thought you were looking for a kind of completion feature. :thinking:

Yes, but It does the job…

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