Using secondary HDD with BTRFS

So recently I was thinking about switching to BTRFS on my main SSD with the OS. I also have a secondary HDD where I store my games. Currently both the SSD and HDD use ext4.
Now my question is: Can I format the HDD to also use BTRFS like my SSD or is it not possible? If I can, what’s the best method to do it?
Or maybe I shouldn’t do it and you think it is better to use a mix of BTRFS[SSD] and ext4[HDD]?

Thanks in advance!

I use almost exclusively BTRFS, with extensive snapshots, excepting only my VMs partition (EXT4). That being said, if your current setup is working, then why change it? Unless you’re going to make use of BTRFS’s features, then I recommend standing pat.

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I will very likely switch to Fedora on that machine and since it uses btrfs by default, it got me thinking whether I can format both drives to btrfs

Yes, you can format any drive with any filesystem.

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Ok, so if I wanted to use gnome-disks for that, can I choose the BTRFS option there? It says “btrfs for snapshots” in the options and I wasn’t sure if it is still viable for general purpose usage or only for snapshots

Screenshot from 2022-06-09 18-41-00

That’s not saying that BTRFS is only for snapshots, it’s providing some context for the differences between the options in that window.

There’s plenty of information on the Arch wiki too,

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Ok, appreciate it, thanks for the help and the ArchWiki article!

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