Using new iso and question on Dracut, encryption and BTRFS

Hello fellow EOS users and experts.

I am returning to Endervous OS after sometime and now I noticed that the new iso ships with Dracut.

My current EOS setup is GRUB, BTRFS, and encrypted ssd.


Anything I need to do post install if I’m using

timeshift, timeshift-autosnap and grub-btrfs?

If I ever boot a snapshot from grub (read only), I can do a permanent restore using Timeshift ? Is there anything else in regards to Dracut I need to change or edit ?

Many thanks.

No, it should “just work” from a dracut perspective.

Make sure you choose grub as the bootloader.

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Great, I did choose grub and I do see a snapshot entry in grub after the first boot :+1:t3:

Thanks for confirming @dalto

I’ve been on Debian stable for sometime and it feels like I missed quite a party for this major transition.

I am still just learning of Dracut and catching up.

Any other article or wiki suggestions for quick overview and things to know besides Arch wiki regarding Dracut ?

Appreciate the help.

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You should look at the Endeavouros wiki page for dracut. Their is a summary of the important stuff there.

thanks for the info. will check it out!

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