Using LFS from manjaro 🤡 your thoughts?

So i am building my own linux distro out of scratch because i do not like any base for it and i am gonna use manjaro for it! because its seemingly very very good distro for it , even torvalds has to use it! but he uses fedora :clown_face:

So, if it’s built from scratch, what does Manjaro or Fedora have to do with it?



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you have to get a linux distro to use it , it is like gentoo but hardcore difficulty , like in minecraft you have hardcore world in which once you die , you are dead , same for this one , if anything has gone wrong you cannot come back

If you install pacman and use a repo of any distro, then that’s not LFS, but your system is based on the distro.

If using LFS, you create your own package manager or are a package manager yourself to control everything on your system without restriction and bloat.

If you want to spend a lot of time with LFS, then have fun :wink:


Would you mind clarifying this? It seems self-contradictory to me.

I guess they mean to use Manjaro as the building platform (sort of “host” system) to build LFS.
Not as the base for a new distro.


How much time do you wish to devote to this? Are you wanting to do this as a solo project or are you hoping others will come along and help with the development.

Further more what is the audience if any you are gearing toward? I’m just trying to understand your objectives otherwise my advice is only based on ignorance.

:sweat_smile: its a joke i am using debian manjaro not made for me it is not just me :DD

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and the audience i am tryna get are cyber sec enthusiasts , programmers (very common thing) , people who are working in a company or are doing jobs and need a distro but tired of fedora and ubuntu or red hat this list goes on

mainly this distro would be source based and i do not think much people would use it because it would be showing what it compiled at the end , so that people can see the stuff it compiled to prevent themselfs getting into trouble so like if i have a package which i added that is malicious and has infected a system (maybe for example) and for a easy way it would just give out what it compiled so you can use journalctl and grep to see what it compiled