Using Existing Partitions?

Hi everyone, I am an existing Linux user having used Mint since Mint 8. I am now looking for a change and would like to try Endeavour on my Acer Aspire 5349 laptop having successfully used it in Mint within VB.

My current HD is set as follows:
sda1 is used for / (Mint)
sda4 is used for /home
sda3 is used as a storage device and labelled /data

When i installed Mint i could choose manual partioning then select sda1 and opt to format it with a label of /, then select sda4 and opt not to format it but use it with a label of /home, then select sda3 and opt not to format it but use it with a label of /data.

Then the install would progress and everything would go correctly with sda3 (/data) showing up in the filesystem under / as expected.

However, when I try to install Endeavour and choose manual partitioning i can set sda1 as /, i can select sda4 as /home but when i select sda3 i cant seem to set it as /data but can only set it to a predefined list of mount points.

Is there a way around this, can i perhaps permanently add the mount point later once Endeavour is installed? This does seem to make sense to me but i dont want to risk going through the install only to not be able to use the partition.

I hope this makes sense.

Dave Le Huray

Sure, you can mount your /data partition after installation. Just don’t format it during the installation. After installation, you can add an entry to /etc/fstab for it. If you need help with that, let us know after you get the system installed.

If you choose manual partition you can do so with the installer.
simple use change button and set mountpoint and choose to format or not format.
Make sure about system is EFI/UEFI or BIOS to choose the right way on partition.

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Hello and welcome among EndeavourOS users!

The ideas of the others here are great. The only thing I’d like to add is: be sure to make working backup copy of your /data (and possibly /home) partitions to external drive before doing anything else, just in case!


Hi All,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I’ve managed to sort the problem.

joekamprad said - " If you choose manual partition you can do so with the installer. "
I tried that, several times :slightly_smiling_face:. Unfortunately, whenever i typed /data into the mount point field the installer wouldnt continue. The only way i could get to continue was to use one of the predefined mount points.

dalto said - " Sure, you can mount your /data partition after installation. "
This is what I did. Then after installing Endeavour i manually created /data with mkdir and then mounted the partition. Once i was confident that had worked i then added " mount /dev/sda3 /data" to fstab.

I will now mark this topic as closed. Thanks again.

Dave Le Huray

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good to know, may we can change that… or it needs to be something like /mnt/data as

When I have been using calamares to install a base system for a server, I have tried to mount a partition named “server” to the mountpoint /server. As I see it, in Calamares when you choose a mount point, if the mount point is not in the drop down menu, it will not mount it or add it to /etc/fstab. I have even typed in the desired mount point /server and calamares just ignores it.

Although, I have not tested with /mnt/data as @joekamprad mentioned. I will have to try that. I assume /mnt is used during installation but this shouldn’t interfere?

EDIT: I tried /mnt/server as a mountpoint, and Calamares ignored it.

If I remember correctly, I mentioned this to @fernandomaroto and he said he would refer it to the Calamares developers, but it’s probably not high on the todo list.


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I agree that calamares adding a mount point to fstab automatically would be very handy, even if that mount point is not used by calamares itself to install the target system.