Using Bluegriffon with xfce

I installed Bluegriffon (graphical website creator) from the community repository. Installation finished fine but the application does’nt start.
Is there any trick known?
Or can someone recommend a useful graphical website designer?
Thank you: Laszlo from Hungary

In general, when an application does not start, the easiest way to troubleshoot it is to run it in the terminal and look at the error message.

So try that, if you still can’t figure it out, post the error message here.

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Segmentation error (core made)
(May be this is not the correct error massage in english, I translated it because my system runs with the Hungarian language package)

That’s most likely an upstream error, meaning it is not a problem with EndeavourOS or your specific setup, but a bug in the application itself.

Or you could be running a partially updated system.

Update your system with

sudo pacman -Syu

and try to run the application again (in the terminal, without sudo, of course).

If the same error message appears, you should report the bug to the developer of the application.

Thank you. The sytem is uptodate, I updated it couple of hours ago.
I will report tha bug.
Rgerds: Laszlo

Other users have reported the segmentation fault, and they suggest a downgrade to the previous version of BlueGriffon:

BlueGriffon development seems have been dead for a long time:

Unfortunately, offline WYSIWYG HTML editors are now few in number:

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An option, that is almost the same is the composer in Seamonkey. The only thing is that there is no launcher for the composer installed. But you can easily create one using

seamonkey -editor

to execute. Then place the launcher in /usr/share/applications to add it to menu’s. A real advantage is that being part of Mozilla it is updated regularly.

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Thank you for the hint, I will give it a chance.

It has been reported upstream: