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I have a microwave and a fridge downstairs - so maybe the kitchen is for show?

My skills have been driving, flying, boating, and computers - cooking never had a look in… :man_cook:

Not the worst skills :+1: As for the kitchen… everyone as he likes and btw… we are heavily off topic.

OT? What is OT? I LIVE there sometimes :grin:

not to mention, solution was previously found!
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What is OT

OT is water.
OT is air.
OT is what grows.
OT is what burns.
OT is what remains.
OT is life.
OT is death.
OT is nothing.
OT is everything.
OT is what defines.


OT is everything ELSE…

The Red Pill


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You meant things like this? :laughing:

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whoof! nice conky!!

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