USB UEFI boot via Easy2Boot

Hi All,

I’m a long time Manjaro user who switched to Garuda with promises of speed. Found no advantage and the high memory usage started giving me errors instead of more speed.

So now I’m trying EndeavourOS on the arch journey.

One problem I’ve noticed is in the EndeavourOS ISO.

It can boot to uefi when you give it a whole USB disk via rufus.

However, I like to keep multiple ISO on a usb using

Every single distro and even windows works fine on Easy2Boot

Even MBR boot works fine with Endeavouros.

However, if I boot into UEFI mode on Easy2Boot, then EndeavourOS won’t boot.

I know its an issue with EndeavourOS as every other distro is happy in booting UEFI via easy2boot including Manjaro and Garuda.

Could the developers please be aware of this so it can be resolved in the future.

Would be nice to have EndeavourOS at hand more easily on my multiboot usb.


Hmm… did you verify the integrity of the iso fle? maybe somehow it got corrupted during download?

Or maybe try ventoy, it’s just overall better! I am one of the people who switch from E2B to ventoy, and I can confirm it works with EndeavourOS.
(I can confirm it works with old (Feb 03) iso, so it probably works with current iso also)
(1) it’s open source instead of freeware
(2) no need to convert image to imgPTN to UEFI boot
(3) no 4GB size limit which is annoying when dealing with Windows iso with Easy2boot.
(4) It’s a lot more easier to setup

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will try this.


check all option in your UEFI

SecureBoot off
Fast Boot off
No Legacy
all disks on AHCI

you can check in terminal before installing

inxi -Fxza
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
sudo parted -l