Usb to hdmi adapter problems

Does your lenovo not have an hdmi port?

the specific laptop does have an hdmi port, but i attempted to give it another screen (mostly to test if it worked, if it where it might have changed my current setup a little)

is there perhaps another distro, or tool that could make something like this easier?

They seem to target Ubuntu:

The evdi GitHub releases page ways the latest release targets kernels up to 5.12, so linux-lts could be worth trying to see if that makes a difference.

Are you already using that port then?

sadly that did not work

im sorry but im not sure what/which you mean

meanwhile, i do have a tiny testing box which has linux mint (20.2) on it, i did install displaylink drivers on it (at least i think i did it properly) and the adapter did not work on it either

it really does look like im out of luck, with at least this adapter, i might consider getting some that are proven to work, if such exist that is

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You said you have an Hdmi port on the laptop. Are you using it already so that is why you need the usb to Hdmi adapter to add another screen?

in my current setup im using the laptops hdmi port, the setup i wanted to try out was an additional screen via said adapter

Maybe an Hdmi splitter would be better than that usb to Hdmi adapter. :thinking:

but wouldnt a splitter still be just one signal? meaning i wouldnt be able to change each provided monitor individually?

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Probably yes as they only do mirroring. So you want separate? :thinking:

pretty much yes, as long as i am able to connect a second monitor and change each connected monitor individually im fine with any solution really

Just to go back to your original attempt to use the usb to Hdmi adapter. Did you do all this? Just in case you missed something then check this link.

this link does seem todo manually what the archwiki recommends to install from the aur directly
i do have both installed but it doesnt seem to give me the udl nor the module
i never got past the modprobe step

There are only three evdi packages in the AUR. Have you tried a different one?
Edit: Also display link has two links?

Are you able to exchange that display adapter maybe for a different brand to try? Maybe it’s just not one that will work? :man_shrugging:

i tried both evdi and evdi git
neither seems to have made a difference

im not sure what you mean? do you mean in the link provided in the page of yours? (both link to the same package it looks like)

if you know a brand that might work better im happy to take any recommendation

The display link has two links one to the AUR page and then a direct download of the tar file.

I don’t think it will work. I took a short look on Amazon and this seems not to be a Displaylink adapter, so your out of luck.
Buy an adapter with a DisplayLink chip, like:
Cabel Matters

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This is what i wondered originally if it was actually a display link adapter or not?

Edit: @AmandaONeill I agree with @HCHR better you go get a proper DisplayLink adapter that is certified as such with the logo etc.