USB device disconnected on boot

Hey there I’m having issues with 2 of my USB devices disconnecting on boot. I have to manually replug them in order to be able to use them. Been searching in forums for quite a while now but I haven’t found instructions that were comprehensible for me.
The USB devices in this case are:
An audio interface and a webcam.

My Mainboard is an asus z270g

In KDE, if you right click on Disks & Devices (usually found in your system tray) and hit ‘Configure Removable Devices’, there is an option to mount drives at login automatically.

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Unfortunately that didn’t work out in my case, I they aren’t even shown here when I manually replug them as well.

Ok, that sounds like another issue then re your drives showing in general.

From what I’ve read in some forums this might as well be related to a config file or even kernel, not sure tho.

have you tried switching kernels?

it happened on standard and zen respectively

What audio interface do you have? Also do you use these through a hub or through motherboard ports directly?

Run sudo dmesg | grep "usb"

and see if that tells you anything

You can try ‘lsusb’ in terminal and see if your drive is shown. If not, could it be an issue with the drive, maybe reformat it??

could also be that if a device is misbehaving depending on how the usb is setup on the board the device could bring all the grouped USB devices down. Ive had a friend who used something like 20 USB devices have only certain groups go and it was due to a hub on the bus that those ports had been connected to misbehaving and bringing them all down.

I’m not running ports through a hub tho.
My audio interface is the Rode AI-1 and my webcam the c922.
Running the command you told me brought up us follows:
A whole lot of these:

as well as this.

doesnt have to be through a hub, but if you look all those USB devices are on the same bus. Do you have any other ports to test?

i changed my usb ports with those of my mouse and keyboard cuz these should work for sure if it was that kind of thing i guess, but no success

ok, so something is causing your USB to choke up, You might try disconnecting everything but the mouse and keyboard. If you use just those does it happen still?

Also another question, you dont happen to be overclocking that 7700k, If you are and do bclk overclocking that can cause buses to freak out

well its oc yeah

are you still at 99.99mhz bclk?

where do i see that?

itll be in your bios, Im not sure if you can see it from within linux (i dont know of a way). Did someone do the overclock for you or is it an auto bios overclock?

i didnt oc it cuz i didnt care about it and im the only user, might got shipped like that or something, the pc isnt prebuild tho