USB C Error on boot

Hi All,

Relatively recently, I have been getting acpi errors during boot that I have never noticed before. When I run journalctl and filter for acpi, I can see the following:

kernel: ucsi_acpi USBC000:00: unknown error 0
kernel: ucsi_acpi USBC000:00: GET_CABLE_PROPERTY failed (-5)
kernel: ucsi_acpi USBC000:00: unknown error 256
kernel: ucsi_acpi USBC000:00: GET_CABLE_PROPERTY failed (-5)

I happen to have a saved text file from journalctl from a week prior when I was trying to resolve an unrelated issue. These lines were not present then, so this is definitely something new.

The USB ports seem to be working fine as far as I have been able to tell otherwise.

Does anyone know what these errors are and how they can be resolved?


Have you checked if there are any Bios updates for the motherboard?

Hi ricklinux,

I am using a Framework laptop and have their latest BIOS version available. So it is fully up to date.

Any other ideas?


This person also has a Framework laptop and resolved a similar error message by installing a beta version of the BIOS firmware which was recently released.

I saw this also that’s why i mentioned if the OP checked if there were any Bios updates?

Thanks for your response.

I have had a good read through the post. I am running BIOS version 3.05 which is an official release recommended for AMD based Framework laptops. It is not beta and I hadn’t had this error until about a month after installing it.

Regardless, it sounds like it is quite possibly a bug in the firmware. Perhaps I will raise a post on Framework’s community forum as well.

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