USB audio hardware regression?

Please excuse my first bug report, I will be happy to provide more information if needed.

I’m experiencing issues with my USB DAC when operating in the main kernel that disappear when booting into the LTS kernel.

For one thing there is a long delay when starting the pulseaudio server upon logging in. In addition when I configure pipewire.conf with default.clock.allowed-rates = [ 48000 44100 ] it does not switch as intended, and instead freezes the audio output.

I have reason to believe this might be a regression, because I came across a blog post describing very similar problems with the same hardware I have - although it is several years old and was supposedly patched upstream. As was mentioned in that blog post, I am seeing the error clock source 41 is not valid, cannot use in my journal log, repeated many times.

Teac UD-503 / UD-501 – snd-usb-audio patch

journalctl 5.10.75-1-lts (no errors)

journalctl 5.14.14-arch1-1 (errors, see line 1469)