USB 3 problem

Do you have a Legacy USB option? If so, what’s it set to?

Both are enabled.

ok, I will try that on reboot

ok guys, same issue. The USB drive I have that works (just installed EOS from it) works fine in either port, no other one does.

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Just checking, is there a BIOS update?

yeah, did it the other day because I thought it was related to the Ryzen usb issue.

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This is a really annoying problem. It’s strange that only one USB stick works. Is there a way to disable the ‘advanced’ USB feature? I don’t care if the ports are stuck at USB2 - I just want them to work

ok, there is another example of it:
will the file work or should I add to the grub line?

Did you check sudo dmesg to see if it shows these as blacklisted like they did in this post?

Edit: Sorry, they did this after creating the blacklist file.

I will give it a try tomorrow, it’s 2.15am here and I need to get to sleep as my brain went to sleep an hour ago. I will report back what happens. Thank you for all your wondeful help, I really appreciate it. Wish me luck

My USB 3 hub would mount USB 2 drives, but it wouldn’t mount USB 3 drives. The fix for me was

In GRUB add to cmdline:

to check:
cat /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend 
should return -1
default was 2

It might be worth a try.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion - this helped somewhat.

I am now at the point where my USB 3 port seems to work fine but anything I plug into the USB 2 port shows up (mounts) then unmounts itself almost immediately and this cycle repeats over and over

So I have managed to install Endeavour, update everything, add the chaotic-aur repo, and can copy files to anything plugged into my USB 3 ports (so far nothing has failed) but the USB 2 port on my top panel doesn’t work. I don’t really mind this, as long as I can reliably copy files to a device plugged in to one port or another, I don’t care if only one works.