Urgent help

i have no idea what happened.
i didnt delete anything, i didnt change any file, all i did was normally update and after a good round of sleep and a normal boot up im greeted with…whatever happened.

Is it the same problem . If so then update your system . Some mirrors may take time to sync .

oh wow, looks like someone is wrong with the newest cinnamon-settings-daemon? downgrading tov4.8.3. all all is well again.
how would one be able to see if a newer update eventually fixes the issues?
and thank you for linking this!

It’s been fixed now so you should be able to update again.

i have seen in the thread a certain update fixes the issues, but said update is not available.
apparently 4.8.4-2 fixes the issues but i can only update to 4.8.4-1

Hmm…I don’t know about that? :thinking:

Edit: This is what i see

Screenshot from 2021-01-14 06-28-44

Maybe it hasn’t reached the repo you are trying to get it from. Try sudo pacman -Syy then sudo pacman -Syu

same problem again, doesnt show any newer update other than the one causing the problem.


well, great, but it sadly doesnt show up on my system, neither with pacman nor with yay

Downgrade to the .3 version, and ignore so you can take other updates. Reboot, and then look to see what shows as the next one available. At least you’ll be functional.

thanks as mentioned and seen above i already downgraded to 4.8.3

Sorry, I didn’t see the mention of you downgrading. I actually just upgraded a machine that was fixed earlier to .4-2 to .5-1 with pacman -S cinnamon-settings-daemon.

the thing is, its not even showing .4-2

Did you try updating your mirrors. Like i said it may not be updated yet on the mirrors you are using.

no dice, updating through the welcome tool doesnt seem to do anything.
updating via austria and including https mirrors, says no mirrors found.

You may need to select a mirror US or Canada temporarily if you want.

Edit: Or something closer. Germany?

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tried adding germany and canada, id added some mirrorlists but still no package higher than 4.8.4-1

I don’t know why it shows then?