Upgrade malfunction in Module ModemManager

I write this lines because I have a USB BROADBAND HUAWEI works normal the systems upgrade notifications tell me have things to do and upgrade ModenManager finish reboot and the USB BROADBAND Modem never works why this occurs. I delete the system and install Lubuntu 20.04 works fine

Didn’t the modem work after you shut down and turn your computer on (not reboot)?

Hard to ask for help and know what happened if you installed another OS. Would need to have it installed and look at the hardware and logs to see. :man_shrugging:

The really sad part is it was probably just a problem with r8168 and could have been fixed with a click of a button on the welcome app.

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Impossible this things because I need a stable system Web Designer to use it the realtek r8168 its be in the system but never use it only use the broadband USB MODEM to connect Internet but doesnt work whith a new realease the older works good

I try to install again in a Laptop to use it and see the real problem

I reboot restart shut down all things to do never work in the new version of this system but I put in other Linux and works good

I need the system full operative because need Design websites and close Internet connection lost more money

It’s actually pointless now because you have removed enos and have Lubuntu installed. Might have been a driver issue that could have been fixed.

r8168 chipset is not limited to WiFi in a laptop it does happen to be inside of modems too. If you need a stable desktop it’s best to stick with a Debian-based distro like Lubuntu. Arch is rolling which means it might break at times because almost everything is bleeding edge.

It’s good you switched to Lubuntu and it’s best advised to stick with that or any other Debian / Ubuntu-based distribution. As you said you’re a front web developer.

I would like to suggest closing the thread because we can’t help you with the modem problem because the distribution which had the issue is now gone from your laptop.

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