Updating Pamac via Yay is Behind Pamac Itself

I think this likely is a question for @FredBezies. (Everyone, please understand that I’m only trying to learn, not start a discussion about the merits of yay vs pamac. Thanks for your patience with this question.)

For reference, I’m using pamac-aur-git on each of 5 machines (bare metal). My question stems from situations where pamac shows that it has an update available for itself. Yay, on the other hand, does not show the update for several days—if at all. I have seen this behavior regularly, but not with every available update.

FTR, I update my mirrorlists and my machines most every day, and nearly always sequentially (so there’s not a large time gap between updates from machine-to-machine).

So, why would pamac itself announce self-updates when yay doesn’t find them at all? Am I mistaken in thinking they both use the common AUR repo/ package build system?

Thanks for setting me straight!


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did you do yay -Syy first ?

good comparisment is with checkupdates …

should not see big difference …

Well, it is a strange behaviour :slight_smile:

I done a little man yay and I read this:

 -a, --aur
              Assume all targets are from the AUR. Additionally Actions such
              as sysupgrade will only act on AUR packages.

              Note that dependency resolving will still act normally and
              include repository packages.

I suppose this option checks also for AUR updates? Pamac and yay works on the same database. So if you update using one tool, the other won’t notice there is an update.

That option checks only for AUR updates. By default it checks both the repos and AUR.

Are you saying that you see an update in pamac system tray and then you run yay and it doesn’t show the update? I have never seen that happen on my systems. yay does an update and will check the aur for updates. If you use yay -Sua it will only check for aur updates. I haven’t had that happen. :thinking:

This definitely does not happen to me.
I always run yay -Syyu when I update.

Yes, this is what i mean, but it only happens with pamac updates. I always do yay -Syyu at each update.

Do you mean it doesn’t show an update for pamac itself? :grimacing: I haven’t noticed that.

To me it sounds like there’s something with the sync vs the AUR mirror. If Pamac shows an update of Pamac (which is in the AUR) but yay -Syy does not, then there’s something afoul with his mirror conf, I think?

Yes, exactly.

Yes, this is exactly what happens. Not sure what could be running afoul with my mirror configs.

So this is happening right now on a pure Arch install. Pamac shows updates available for 9.3.0.r19.g4eaefea-1 over 9.3.0.r17, but yay -Syyu (and yay -Syua, too) shows no updates available for pamac. I do show all other (non-pamac) updates on both pamac and yay. So weird.

Does yay show any updates ? if it does it won’t show AUR updates until the regular updates are installed first then it will show AUR updates.

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@FastGame Is correct yay won’t show you there is an update for the AUR if there are other updates until you actually install them. I guess if he is running yay -Syyu it would be doing the updates. So that settles that?

No updates via standard repos. In other words, I have run a pure sudo pacman -Syyu first, so that all standard packages are updated. Running next yay -Syyu or yay -Syua shows no updates available; however, pamac reports updates available from 9.3.0.r17 to 9.3.0.r19.

Thanks, but I know this is the sequence of updates—I’ve been on arch/ antergos/ endeavouros for several years now and I know to update standard packages before yay shows that updates are available from the aur. That’s why I’m at a loss as to this behavior.

I know you know that. I was just saying yes that’s how it works but if you are using yay -Syyu it should be looking for them and if they are there it should get them and update.

What is the output of this for yay.

yay -Pg

output of yay -Pg is:


I just had a question. Did you migrate to yay from another pacman helper?

Edit: That file is the same as mine.

All of these installations are long-standing, so I don’t remember exactly. I think I may have installed yay directly from the git repo on a couple of my machines. I think I may have installed yay using pamac on some machines.

I don’t know if i’m barking up the right tree here? Just read this info but not act on it.

I have been reading on yay from the developer and when you install it it creates a database of the installed SHAs of the repos. It is possible that there is an issue with that. You can run an update to the database but i hesitate to tell you that as i know you have 5 computers going here and i don’t want to mess with your stuff.

It puts this info in a json file in ~/.cache/yay/vcs.json
Supposedly can run
yay -Y --gendb
or set the sha to 0 also in the json file.

So i don’t want you to do anything other than read this stuff purely for informational purposes. I have looked at the json file and i understand it i think?

Anyway a little info for you for learning purposes only.