Updating motherboard bios / randomly shutdown

Ok for Option n I had to exit from root

You have to install nvidia-inst first then run

nvidi-inst -n

You may need sudo but not if you are logged in as root.

Edit: Yes sorry it may need to be run without root.

If it runs and gets back to desktop after a reboot then post

inxi -Ga

Installation done I reboot.

Still same problem

What problem? Are you not at the desktop? What did you do trying to blacklist? We need to remove the blacklisting you did.

Edit: If on black screen or not booting you need to get into a tty again and reverse the blacklisting. Need to know what you did?

Yep still on rebooting.
I will go in tty.
But not sure if I remember exactly what I did.
I tried many things to. Remove nouveau.
I. Will try some and let you know.
Thank you

Why did you try to remove Nouveau? You just need to install nvidia drivers properly and because your card is older it only takes certain drivers … not the latest.

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Did you blacklist it in the default grub command line or did you create a modprobe.d.conf file?

Finally I reinstalled the OS.

Btw, if I use that command nvidi-inst -n I guess the last Nvidia driver will be installed, not the 390xx legacy?

No the nvidia-inst -n reverts it to nouveau open source driver. What you should do is run this test and post the output.

nvidia-inst -t

Important for older Nvidia GPUs!

Currently (2023-Feb) nvidia-inst does not support installing (older) legacy drivers. This means certain older Nvidia GPUs should use either the nouveau kernel driver or install the appropriate legacy driver from the AUR (with yay).
Tip: you can still use command nvidia-inst -t to find the needed commands, just be sure to change the package names according to the version (for example, change nvidia-dkms to nvidia-470xx-dkms etc.).


$ nvidia-inst -t
bash: nvidia-inst: command not found

If you reinstalled the OS you first have to install nvidia-inst package before you can run any commands.

From a question on motherboard firmware installation to old nvidia drivers installation and then… re-install OS :exploding_head: :rofl: .

Now, how does randomly shutdown (edited title) connect to this topic? :rofl: