Updating linux and util-linux packages simultaneously prevents dracut from running

When I update my system, if the update includes updates for the linux, linux-headers, and util-linux packages, upgrading the util-linux package ends my user session, preventing the pacman hook from running dracut to create new boot entries. The result is that, without manual intervention, my system cannot boot because there are no boot entries. This can be avoided by running yay -Sy linux linux-headers after the system update, but it seems like undesirable behavior. Any tips on how I can avoid having to use this workaround? And should I file a bug report somewhere, e.g. with pacman?

In case it’s relevant, I use systemd-boot as my boot manager.

Can you further explain this part? Not running the hooks may cause more issues than only dracut not running.

Also, what DE/WM are you using?

Yeah, I wish I could explain better, but I’m not very knowledgeable. I just know that yay -Sy util-linux signs me out. I’m using KDE Plasma. Sorry for not mentioning that. I had known for a while that this problem was occurring when some package was updated at the same time as the kernel, and I’d originally assumed it would be a package connected to the DE, but trial and error suggests that the relevant package is util-linux.

It sounds like maybe what is happening is that plasma is crashing/freezing for some reason during the upgrade.

I have seen that happen once or twice(over the last 5 years) with certain updates. If it is happening regularly, something is wrong with your system you need to investigate.

The workaround for that is to update in a TTY or using a screen/tmux.

Thanks a bunch for the insight! I’ll look further into what could be causing Plasma to crash.

Would it help (as a workaround) to run the update in a tmux session?

That is what I recommended above. The only issue with it is if it freezes your plasma session, you need to ssh in to get access to the tmux or screen. You often can’t get a TTY at that point.

Sorry, overlooked

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