Updating forces a logout

Recently when updating via yay, sometimes when an update is installed I get booted back to the login screen. It only seems to happen when it’s a regular pacman update as opposed to an AUR package, and even then I don’t think it’s every time.

I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern yet, but it’s definitely happening during the pacman part of the update as the AUR packages are left untouched and I have to run the update process a second time after logging back in.

I’m using the latest version of KDE Plasma as my DE, and login is handled by SDDM.

Anyone got any idea what might be causing this?

What were the packages that got updated the last time you got logged out? You can check your paclog

Last update was:

[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] transaction started
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded btrfs-progs (6.5.1-1 → 6.5.2-1)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded libxrandr (1.5.3-1 → 1.5.4-1)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded hwdata (0.374-1 → 0.375-1)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded eos-update-notifier (23-14 → 23-15)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded grub (2:2.12rc1-1 → 2:2.12rc1-3)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] :: To use the new features provided in this GRUB update, it is recommended
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] to install it to the MBR or UEFI. Due to potential configuration
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] incompatibilities, it is advised to run both, installation and generation
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] of configuration:
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] # grub-install …
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] # grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded openssh (9.4p1-4 → 9.5p1-1)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded perl-uri (5.20-1 → 5.21-1)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] upgraded xdg-desktop-portal-kde (5.27.8-2 → 5.27.8-3)
[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] transaction completed

I guess this bit might shed some light too:

[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [ALPM] running ‘30-systemd-daemon-reload.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM] running ‘30-systemd-tmpfiles.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM] running ‘30-systemd-udev-reload.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM] running ‘30-systemd-update.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM] running ‘90-mkinitcpio-install.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Building image from preset: /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux.preset: ‘default’
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Using configuration file: ‘/etc/mkinitcpio.conf’
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → -k /boot/vmlinuz-linux -c /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g /boot/initramfs-linux.img
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Starting build: ‘6.5.5-arch1-1’
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [base]
[2023-10-05T13:08:28+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [udev]
[2023-10-05T13:08:29+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [autodetect]
[2023-10-05T13:08:29+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [modconf]
[2023-10-05T13:08:29+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [block]
[2023-10-05T13:08:29+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: ‘xhci_pci’
[2023-10-05T13:08:29+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [keyboard]
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [keymap]
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [consolefont]
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> WARNING: consolefont: no font found in configuration
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [filesystems]
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Generating module dependencies
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Creating zstd-compressed initcpio image: ‘/boot/initramfs-linux.img’
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Image generation successful
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Building image from preset: /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux.preset: ‘fallback’
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Using configuration file: ‘/etc/mkinitcpio.conf’
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → -k /boot/vmlinuz-linux -c /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g /boot/initramfs-linux-fallback.img -S autodetect
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> Starting build: ‘6.5.5-arch1-1’
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] → Running build hook: [base]
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM] running ‘detect-old-perl-modules.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM] running ‘eos-reboot-required.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:30+0100] [ALPM] running ‘rebuild-detector.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:31+0100] [ALPM] running ‘texinfo-install.hook’…
[2023-10-05T13:08:31+0100] [ALPM] running ‘update-desktop-database.hook’…

And that’s where the log finished before I was logged out and had to log back in again.

Have same issue, which sucks, recent log-out during update/upgrade screwed up my system - initramfs not found when boot :neutral_face: Now - switching sadly to Manjaro for more stable system, or if that too fails, simple Arch. Cheers

EndeavourOS is pretty much the same as “simple Arch”, just with a GUI installer that configures stuff for you with rather sane defaults (apart from soystemd-boot and dracut, which are the only opinionated deviations from “vanilla”).

Manjaro is much more opinionated, and I would say, much less “stable”, especially if you’re using the AUR, since the repos on Manjaro are retarded.


Well Good Luck with that.

So did you hijack this thread just to tell us that or are you actually wanting to get help with your issue?

only time my system has ever logged out on its own is when my power management did it. so there could be other factors going on that just happen to co-inside with an update. maybe posting your logs and giving more information about the issue would help get it resolved. But please enjoy your stay with Manjaro if that is what you feel is best for you.

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instead of discussing to switch Distro caused by a random error we could try find out what is the actual issue :nerd_face:

if this is causing it ?

pacman -Qi desktop-file-utils
Name            : desktop-file-utils
Version         : 0.27-1
Description     : Command line utilities for working with desktop entries
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/desktop-file-utils
Licenses        : GPL
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : glib2  libglib-2.0.so=0-64
Optional Deps   : None
Required By     : gtk2  gtk3  gtk4  handbrake  libreoffice-fresh  mpv  openoffice-bin  simplescreenrecorder
                  softmaker-office-2024-bin  thunar
Optional For    : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 204,35 KiB
Packager        : Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) <heftig@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : Sa 07 Okt 2023 01:33:36 CEST
Install Date    : Di 10 Okt 2023 15:11:43 CEST
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package
Install Script  : No
Validated By    : Signature

or something else… never had such thing (but i am also fully on dracut only)
would be intersting to know the used Desktop too.

just see 2 month later posting a little rant pinging us … uff…

If @dylanparry does not have to add anything we should close this…

I’ll see if that causes it next time I’m at my computer. The desktop is KDE Plasma btw.

It was indeed lovely to receive a bunch of pings this morning. I finally thought someone might have an idea what was causing my issue, but nope :joy:

Plasma running X11 or wayland session?

X11. I’ve had too many issues with Wayland, mainly due to being stuck with an Nvidia card!

Well, since this was the only topic on the issue on the internet, wasnt too old, and wasnt solved despite logs provided, yes, thought i’d highjack it.

I have fresh install 2 weeks old.

Its been sharply and suddenly logging me off during updates before as well, even right after clean install… but since i didnt look what was going on in terminal, i dont know exactly at what point during the process.

This time though it managed to mess up whole system. I can resolve it, sure, but … yeah.

As long as an answer/post does not add any new info or you do not add useful log or detailed information it does not add anything.

Don’t post no-content replies.

And as you can see it causes even more people to post be getting offended in a way already…

from my short research it could be update-desktop-database.hook causing kde to crash ? there are some mimetype implementation issues lately on kde caused by some general updates.

In case possible to catch the journal from the timepoint of the logout…

[2023-10-05T13:08:27+0100] [2023-10-05T13:08:31+0100]

something like journalctl --since "2023-10-05 13:08" --until "2023-10-05 13:10" | eos-sendlog

I use Xfce, and have had this same issue lately on 2 different laptops, fresh install 2023 version.

In my case it happens also when simply installing app, for example yay -S audacious, and it did finish the install, so why log out at the end, no idea.

There were a few releases during 2023 so this tells us absolutely nothing.

You fail to follow any directions anyone has given you. How are we supposed to help you solve your issue if you continue to disregard any advice given?

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If you want any help ask a question and give good information about what exatcly done when the issue happen.
If you do not know how ask how to provide the needed info.
But stop to post without providing any useful info.
This is not a general issue. The initial post is 2 month old already…

  • System was up to date before installing audacious?

  • Any changes to the default install done?

  • You do have EndeavourOS installed at all at the moment?

  • something like journalctl --since "2023-10-05 13:08" --until "2023-10-05 13:10" | eos-sendlog

  • would show better log in your case too only needs to use the timespan when the issue happen to you.


Yeh, sorry, anyway … I managed to gather some focus to put together this log file:

It happened during audacious install (and later during deadbeef install as well, if my memory is correct)

System is pretty much very up to date yes
Changes to the default install? … no i dont think so, very basic
Yes I am still on Endeavour, I like it. I did arch-chroot into it, and reinstall ‘linux’, quick fix