Updating fails

For a few weeks now, whenever I update EOS, it fails. The number of updates is now at 300+
I get the following error:

Can you help set me straight?

try typing in console

yay -Syu

and paste error related output here, including any conflicting files info the output has to show


It seems to me that there may be one of those ‘overwrite required’ updates in there. ‘p11’ caught my eye in the screenshot…

Signing off now, so I can’t look for it, but I suspect that’s the problem.

Oops - suddenly remembered where else I might have it…

pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/p11-kit-trust.so

Would perhaps have been more obvious to OP if update was run with pacman or yay :grin:

Or… I could be wrong!



  • Read the Arch News
  • Update more frequently

eos-update-notifier -init will help a great deal :slight_smile:

Terminal => Pacman -Syu

Résulte ?

Thanks to FredBezies for this:

When updating, use

    sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/p11-kit-trust.so

to perform the upgrade.

I strongly recommend that you update your computer at least once a week using either the sudo pacman -Syu command in the Terminal or, preferably, the yay command. Note that my wife and I update our computers daily, the first thing in the morning (we’re on Eastern Time in North America) using yay. We only use the GUI method of updating if there is some (rare) problem when updating with yay.


Pacman -Syu
bash: Pacman: command not found


pacman not Pacman. Linux shells are case-sensitive!


Le défaut de répondre avec son smartphone :sweat_smile:

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T9 sucks!


Thank you to everyone who replied and offered help, guidance and advice. It’s appreciated.
I ended up doing a fresh install in the end because I had a few other issues and it was all getting a bit too much.

I’m not an experienced Linux user to say the least…

Thanks @nate, @freebird54, @c00ter, @Tasia91, @Psyderian, @lhb1142, @FredBezies & @joekamprad.

Can anyone say what desktop environment this was, based on the screenshot? Because I want to use it again…

Thanks and all the best folks.

Although this issue wasn’t resolved in the traditional sense, I just wanted to say that it was a good experience for me to come back and see so many people wanted to help out.

Definitely a different, much more positive vibe compared to some other distro’s communities I’ve experienced.

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Looks like KDE.

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Have a nice day.

If you did an offline install, it is Xfce. Otherwise it could be any of the DEs supported by the EndeavousOS installer.

I do not think it’s Xfce. I do not remember that I had those packages in my installation. But I may be wrong :smiley: