Updating causes my dgpu to not be recognized except by proton games

When I update my system, it will update the following Nvidia packages:

5  extra/nvidia-dkms             550.67-1   -> 550.76-1
 4  extra/nvidia-utils            550.67-1   -> 550.76-1
 1  multilib/lib32-nvidia-utils   550.67-1   -> 550.76-1

When I update, my dgpu (nvidia 4070) is not recognized by the system monitor or nvtop. When I play native games or use native applications, the dgpu is not used and my igpu is used. Only wine/proton games will recognize it and use it. I think that maybe lib32-nvidia-utils is causing the problem but I can’t risk uninstalling it because steam needs it… When I use timeshift to rollback before the update everything works fine. I have tried reinstalling all my drivers then updating, but it still breaks. Do these new drivers cause bugs or something? Any help is appreciated.