Updates, updates

First, a big THANK YOU to all who work on these updates. I am a KDE user and all updates have been installed and I have tested most apps. Qt-Creator was updated and all is fine with it. Oh, I have a confession, I use Discover for my updates and it works perfectly. I know this is a lot of work, GREAT JOB. In about three weeks of using EOS, I have become a big fan.



Hello @zoner
I also have discover on my Plasma although i tend to use the welcome app for checking and installing all my updates. It uses pacman and the terminal. Having said that i sometimes use discover and on a fresh install i have also used it to install all of my apps. Typically though i use yay to do that because it’s much faster. I just use arrow up everytime to get back to the last command i used in the terminal and backspace to enter a different package. It’s very fast when you are doing a new install and add 20 or more apps. Glad your enjoying Plasma. What i like about plasma is that it is very fast. I use Magic lamp and wobbly windows. I like it’s performance. I just wish it was like Cinnamon so you could open as root. My only complaint.

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Yes, I have used most of those methods also. Plasma is fast because KDE took a big chance and back in version 4, started over and rewrote all of it. And yes, it was difficult and hard and also took a lot of time. But they pulled it off. My favorite app for updating is Pamac but only the version on Manjaro seems to work. I am thinking of pulling the source for both and doing a diff on them.

I also have pamac installed and use it occasionally.

Edit: pamac-aur-git

Please which version are you using. I checked on Arch and there were several versions and a few bad comments. My favorite thing about Pamac is the ability to watch the whole activity scroll across the screen. It is a real education. The Red Green show has been a favorite of mine for years.

pamac-aur-git is maintained be a forum member and BUG tracker of EndeavourOS!


I installed Pamac-all and Topgrade right out of the gate. I usually use Topgrade.

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Thanks for the info. Is there any way to just download it from Arch and install it on my machine? I have problems downloading from Arch. I have tried the following:

sudo pacman -S pamac-aur-git

search finds this pamac but when I do this, it comes back as target not found. Any help will be appreciated. I tried to download imagewriter and the same thing happened.

yay -S pamac-aur-git


Type yay pamac in a terminal and then choose the number that corresponds to pamac-aur-git.


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