Updates Borked Endeavor

I was running the last beta iso and this morning the updates borked the whole system. It would not boot no how. I reinstalled the stable ISO and voila it’s fine. 2 minutes Don’t know if anyone else ran into this but there was linux kernels and firmware and amd microcode etc. Strange…:thinking: It’s funny that it said Arch also and not Endeavour. When i reinstalled it’s back now saying Endeavour when it boots.

The Beta was a Beta :innocent:

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I reinstalled the stable version and the updates again just came through. I got a warning as it installed amd microcode could not find boot stuff… I don’t have an amd processor? Should it be installing amd microcode? This is what happened when it borked the system this morning. I got linux firmware and kernel and other stuff too.

[2019-07-16 13:23] [ALPM] upgraded amd-ucode (20190628.70e4394-1 -> 20190712.d52556e-1)

It just updated all the same stuff and maybe some more and it’s still working now. But should amd microcode install even though i have no amd processor? I do have an amd video card though. HD 6000 series.

amd-ucode is indeed only amd, its basicly uninstall it and update your grub…

you can replace it with intel-ucode…for intel cpu’s …

I’m trying to figure out why it’s downloading and if i uninstall it won’t it just come back in the updates?

I uninstalled the amd microcode and it didn’t come back yet. Intel microcode is already installed.

You do need only the one fitting your CPU.
Hardware detection is not ready jet, uninstalling amd-ucode will do the job and it will stay uninstalled for sure then:

sudo pacman -R amd-ucode
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
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The amd microcode installed again with updates on the stable ISO but didn’t cause any problems. I removed it and updated grub as you said. It seems to be all good. The intel micrcode is already installed.
What do you mean hardware detection is not ready yet?

If we want to get intel-ucode only installed if intel CPU is present on install system we need to detect the CPU and then install intel-ucode, calamares itself do not provide this per default… on Antergos CNCHI was deeply configured to do like so, we need to reimplement all this one after the other, or leave it out so that users must do this manually after install…

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I know that every system is different but there is any other stuff we need to look for installing the appropriate drivers?

Linux in general ship most of Drivers with the kernel, and they will be detected and used magically by the system.

You need to take care only on proprietary drivers like nvidia is shipping and there are a lot of crappy wireless devices needing drivers to work + printers that needs a special driver or also propritary plugins/firmware and like on HP also a program to get it working (hplip).

to see if your system is complete on this (exept printers) you can create a bootlog with journalctl and search for error/fail/firmware to get a hint what needs extra stuff to install or configure:

i create this smart commandline to get hardware info and create the bootlog + uploads it to a pastebin and then gives out a short url with a link to the info (just copy paste it to terminal and then copy paste back the short url it gives out after running in the next line)

lspci > log.txt && lsusb >> log.txt && journalctl -b -0 >> log.txt && cat log.txt | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io

Just like the problem i had in Antergos with R8168 ethernet card. I have installed thr DKMS from the AUR and it was fine

I use dkms for both my nvidia and my wireless cards and i have no issues when there are updates. My wireless card has the a broadcom chip.

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This command you give me it works in KDE Neon? I have not installed Endeavour yet and i want to see this things before i attempt to install it

the log command? will work on every archbased system independent from installed DE


I can not see any issues on the journal, and hardware will not need any special drivers or stuff extra, if you have tearing issue you can look here:


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