"UpdateInTerminal is depreciated"?

When I run UpdateInTerminal, I get the following line:

Note: 'UpdateInTerminal' is deprecated, consider using 'yay', 'paru', or 'pacman' instead.

Otherwise, it seems to work just fine. Is this a me-problem, or am I actually using the wrong utility? If the latter, why is UpdateInTerminal no longer supported? I like it.

PS: I’m new and I barely understand how repositories work, so if this is the wrong label for this thread, feel free to move it.

Well, to be clear, it is deprecated, not depreciated. That basically means it will be removed at some point in the future.

Basically, the recommendation is to use yay or paru instead. The EOS utilities have been changed to use yay.

To update using yay, you can simply type yay in the terminal. No other options are needed.


Huh, my eyes completely passed over that missing letter. Does this mean that EndeavourOS’ version of yay is somehow special to EndeavourOS, or that the EndeavourOS team decided that normal yay is completely satisfactory, making UpdateInTerminal redundant?

We use the same yay you can build from the AUR. Basically it was decided that what yay and paru do is close enough to what UpdateInTerminal was doing that it wasn’t worth continuing to maintain something separate.

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OK, so why still drag around such legacy? how to uninstall it cleanly?
I only used it at the very beginning anyway, when everything was still new to me.

It only a single script. Removing it abruptly would probably not be a great thing to do to the community. Instead, it is deprecated to let people know it is going away and then it will be removed in the future. This is fairly common practice.

It is part of eos-bash-shared which many of the EOS tools rely on. If you wait, it will be removed on it’s own when the time is right.


At this point, there should be an emoji for OK.

Thanks @dalto!

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