Updated mirrors have older packages

Hello, i’m using endeavour Sway (shouldn’t be the issue), i updated the mirrors using the welcome app because i wasn’t getting updates for more than a day and suspected something was wrong. However now a lot of packages (i don’t say all packages just because i haven’t checked) are newer than the ones on the repositories. How can i fix this?

here you can check which mirrors are out of sync: https://archlinux.org/mirrors/status/#successful
If the mirrors in your mirror list are among them, you should switch them.

https://archlinux.mirror.server24.net/$repo/os/$arch is the only mirror found for italy and it appears on the list, how should i switch to a proper one?

There is no need to limit your mirrorlist to Italy. If the only Italian servers are out of sync you might even want to exclude them from your mirrorlist.
Either run reflector again from the EOS welcome app without the restriction to Italy or use it from the terminal (see https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/reflector; for examples: https://man.archlinux.org/man/reflector.1#EXAMPLES)

Of course you could also edit your mirrorlist manually.

i used the welcome app searching world-wide, finally i got updates properly, thank you so much mate

I’m glad it worked

I would recommend adding in Germany as they have some fast and up to date mirrors and not too far from you.