Update virtualbox-guest-utils 7.0.2-1

Noticed updates today 221022, After updating the system in virtualbox the system stopped after one and a half minute which is annoying.
I downgraded virtualbox-guest-utils to 6.1.40-1 and stopped the updates for the package.
Now shutting down the system went fast.
Anybody experiencing the same ?

sudo downgrade virtualbox-guest-utils
sudo vim /etc/pacman.conf
IgnorePkg   = virtualbox-guest-utils
sudo reboot

host OS updated Vbox to 7.02 ? there was error in 7.00 release

had the same case with 7.00 host on Windows and linux - bumping to 7.02 fixed it on both

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The host has a different os. Still have to wait i guess when 7.02 comes to their repo’s.
Thanks for your answer.

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