Update-notifier not working correctly

so I have a little problem with my update-notifier. It was working fine for quite a while, Then 2 weeks ago it stopped working the way I have it set up. Ichanged the update notifier to show notify+tray. i just checked and my config file still shows how I had changed it but now i only get notified it does not show in the tray like it’s supposed, so I can click on the tray icon and yad will start, Here is my config file for update-notifier so someone might spot something I have missed.

>### eos-update-notifier configuration file

## Check also updates from AUR:
CheckAurUpdates=yes          # yes or no

## Note: the AUR helper program can be set in file
## /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf, variable EOS_AUR_HELPER.

## Use additional EOS updater.
## This program will be called by the eos-update-notifier after
## updating Arch/EOS and AUR packages.
## Input parameter is the log file name.
## Additional updater must return a similar exit code as 'checkupdates'.

## Check also Arch news for you:
CheckArchNewsForYou=no      # yes or no

## Check news while updating?
AllowNewsCheckWhileUpdating=yes   # yes or no

## Program for showing the Arch news.
## 'eos-arch-news' shows news based on the date and shows the news
## only if there are newer news than at the previous check.
## Note: 'arch-news-for-you' was outdated and is now removed.
## This option was added in eos-update-notifier version 0.9-1.

## Prefer tray notification or small window for nofitying about updates?
## NOTE: if clicking the tray notification icon launches also the next panel item,
## a workaround is either to
##  - re-organize panel's notification area icons so that 'Yad' is not the first (uppermost), or
##  - add an empty launcher right next to the tray notification icon.
ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify+tray     # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'

## What info to show about pending updates ("number of updates" or "package names");
## applies only when 'ShowHowAboutUpdates' is set to 'window':
ShowWhatAboutUpdates=number  # values: 'number' or 'packages'

## Specify how long time the notification window will be shown until it closes automatically.
## Refers to the following values of 'ShowHowAboutUpdates' (see above):
##  - notify
##  - notify+tray
## Valid values are:
##  - positive integers with a suffix 's' (seconds), 'm' (minutes), and 'h' (hours)
##  - 0 (notification window will not close automatically)
## Default for both is 30s.
UN_NotifyTimeout=30s            # for 'notify'
UN_NotifyTrayTimeout=30s        # for 'notify+tray'

## SyncAfterUpdate.
## Note: this setting was moved from here to eos-script-lib-yad.conf at 2022-Apr-28.

## UpdateNotifyIcon is the icon name that will be used when showing available updates.
## The default is 'system-software-update'. If that icon does not exist on your system,
## you can change the icon to something that does.

Confirm the icon exists in your icon theme.
Also, there should be a relevant autostart .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart. Post its contents.

I can honestly say I cannot remember where the Icons are stored. havent looked in there in quite a while.

there is no files at all in ~/.config/autostart

Then it is in /etc/xdg/autostart, unless there is some magic in this function :mage: .

In such cases, always open The Book.

the magic is systemd:

systemctl --user status eos-update-notifier.service

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[Desktop Entry]
Name=EndeavourOS Update Notifier
Comment=Update Notifier and Updater for EndeavourOS
Comment[fi]=Päivitysten näyttäjä
Exec=eos-update-notifier -init
# StartupNotify=false
# Terminal=False

Find if there is a missing icon for your theme:

find /usr/share/icons/  -iname "endeavouros-icon.*"

Check the status of he provided service:

Check if the command is running:

pgrep -a eos-update-notifier

Check the journal for relevant errors:

journalctl --user -b -g notifier

I will have to try this tomorrow afternoon as we are having some massive storms roll through my area and I don’t want to take a chance of lighting strike/serious power outage mucking up what I’m doing. At this point my system is currently unplugged to try and prevent electrical damage to my system. Can’t afford to go out and buy a new comp right now as we are seriously struggling to keep food in house and gas in car.

I will update asap

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I find the icon in another path. Just for your attention. :wink:

~> locate endeavouros-icon
~> find /usr/share/ -iname "endeavouros-icon*"
find: ‘/usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d’: Keine Berechtigung

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Priority is your safety.
I hope all goes well for everyone there! :anguished:

systemctl --user status eos-update-notifier.timer

would be to check if the timer is running … as the timer is triggering the service…

running as a user service…



Checks the availability of package updates (EndeavourOS, Arch, and AUR), and offers to perform the actual update.


eos-update-notifier [options]


-init        Initialize the eos-update-notifier systemd service for
             the current user.
-init-force  Same as -init, but may overwrite existing user service files.
-conf        Configure the schedule of checking for the updates.
-show-timer  Show the status of the systemd timer.
-iw=X        Initial sleep time. Value syntax from 'sleep' program.
             Default: 5s.
-nw=X        Max time (seconds) to show the "No updates available" window.
             Default: 10.
-q           Be quieter with dialogs.
--changelog  Show the changelog of this package.


Configuration file: /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf.


Manages and configures certain features of eos-update-notifier with a small GUI.




Variable EOS_SUDO_EDITORS in configuration file


determines which editor will be used when editing the configuration file


after clicking the Edit config button above.
Note that environment variables SUDO_EDITOR, VISUAL, or EDITOR can be used if EOS_SUDO_EDITORS is not set

If the timer is running i would bet it is somethiong on thekde setup and the tray is not working… you can remove the applet from panel and re add it… should work to bring it back…

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A couple of ideas:

  • Consider using setting ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify, it has an Update button which was rather recently added.
  • Change the value of UpdateNotifyIcon to the full path of the icon you want, for example:

In addition, as there are almost always updates available, why not use terminal command like yay or paru or sudo pacman -Syu to update.

The update notifier is not really needed to constantly inform about updates.
The notifier is mostly meant as an initial help for users not familiar with Arch based systems (or users who simply like to be notified about the updates :wink:).

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I’m the type that likes being notified when updates are available. I also like the click and go that the tray icon offers.

petsam everything is as it should be but still not getting the tray icon as I have setup. I really have not idea what is causing the problem.

Are you using wayland?

Yes I’m using Wayland. I get the same results in X11

Some ideas:

  • install EndeavourOS to a virtual machine and see if it works
  • check that you have correct icon packages installed
  • check /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf for the order of searched icons, variable EOS_ICON_SETS_PREFERENCE

Well, after doing the steps for the new git migration and updating the system it seems to have resolved itself, however now wayland won’t work on my computer without crashing KDE so i had to switch back to x11, I’m thinking its a kernel issue somewhere, but i will look into that later. for now I will stay on x11

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