Update notifier displays too many updates?


There were 2 (and no aur pkgs to update):

Packages (2) fwupd-1.4.5-1  grub-tools-1.4.3-1
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I’m seeing some “weirdness” going on with updates and the number my conky displays right now too. Doing yay and UpdateAllPackages is coming back with nothing to do, but the conky shows a number. I was going to give it sometime and check again in an hour or so. I was thinking it might have to do with the server migration.

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Possible, but I have been seeing it since I installed earlier this week, it is (I think) always double…

Ok, sounds different then. Mine is showing a ton of updates are available, but when I check in the terminal it doesn’t do anything. I’ll poke around a little more and see what I might have done. When you type checkupdates in the terminal how many does it show you?

Nil at the moment, but will test when I get some.

Weird. Mine seems to be a different issue for sure. Something decided to downgrade a lot of stuff (81 things) after doing two updates to grub tools and one update to downgrade. They show up in checkupdates but I can’t seem to get them to update, not via terminal or manually in pamac.

Very weird. My conky shows 9, and:

┌20:06:35 WD= [/usr/share/conkywx]
└───freebird@nest ─▶$ checkupdatesext
Name                          Current         ->  New             DownloadSize
----                          -------         --  ---             ------------
cmake                         3.18.0-3        ->  3.18.1-1        7.63 MiB
code                          1.47.2-2        ->  1.47.3-1        9.83 MiB
grub-tools                    1.4.1-1         ->  1.4.3-1         13.29 KiB
json-c                        0.14-4          ->  0.15-1          53.91 KiB
linux                         5.7.10.arch1-1  ->  5.7.11.arch1-1  70.84 MiB
linux-headers                 5.7.10.arch1-1  ->  5.7.11.arch1-1  22.13 MiB
r8168                         8.048.03-13     ->  8.048.03-14     116.34 KiB
recode                        3.7.6-2         ->  3.7.7-1         429.22 KiB
virtualbox-host-modules-arch  6.1.12-3        ->  6.1.12-4        153.92 KiB

there they are…

It must have been a mirror thing. My conky and checkupdates always lined up (probably because the conky is based on that cmd, but still), just when I tried to actually pull the updates it wouldn’t do it, no matter what I tried. I did it just a few minutes ago and it pulled everything though and now conky and checkupdates both show 0. Sorry to hijack this thread @xircon. Please let us know what you see when you test again.

I had this issue after installing earlier this week as well. It seems the built in update notifier would always have ~2 extra updates than what was listed with yay

Those who have this issue, could you show the output of:

  grep "^\[.*\]$" /etc/pacman.conf

Also, how does eos-update-notifier work if you change configuration at /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf as:


It is easy to test with commands:

  sudo pacman -S --needed downgrade
  downgrade "a-package-name"   # choose a package here, e.g. geany

Changed config file:

Says 5 there are 3 (I downgraded deadbeef).

Name               Current  ->  New      DownloadSize
----               -------  --  ---      ------------
deadbeef           1.8.3-1  ->  1.8.4-1  3.57 MiB
python-asn1crypto  1.3.0-1  ->  1.4.0-1  177.36 KiB
python-psutil      5.7.0-1  ->  5.7.1-1  344.24 KiB

Thanks! :+1:
Now I see the problem, it simply gives an incorrect number. Reduce 2 and it should be OK.
I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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OK, new version 1.7.6-1 of eos-update-notifier should fix this.


I guess it was also counting the two header lines,

Name               Current  ->  New      DownloadSize
----               -------  --  ---      ------------

Yes, and that was caused by a recent update a couple days ago, where I didn’t notice the wrong number that the header lines caused.


Thanks for finding that gotcha! I am doing up a conky script that might well have picked up that counting quirk…

That means 3 versions now for the stuff from pacman-contrib - checkupdates, checkupdatesext, and checkupd (modded by me to keep the [ignored] pkgs in the list…

Actually checkupdatesext is not from pacman-contrib, but from eos-update-notifier. :wink:

I couldn’t leave the code alone either :grin: I like the extra info, and am trying to figure out how to trigger a scrolling conky window only when updates exist…

You have my attention…

I have a setup whereby I can scroll, or even smooth scroll, the output from checkupdates. Just trying to decide what will trigger it - perhaps when more than 2 updates are pending? Or 5? No point having an empty window when there aren’t any items to show. Keep an eye on ‘Show Your Desktop’ - I’ll post it there when I get it going the way I want…