Update needs manual intervention

This works for me, how is your alias defined?

Are you sure it isn’t because of the forum software? Did you enclose it in a code block? If you don’t, the forum won’t show the \ even though you typed it in.

maybe that’s because of the ‘-s’ (search), which wants to do searching on the provided arguments? I think only the capital ‘-S’ (sync) can be used together with ‘-y’ and ‘-u’ options…

syu=‘sudo pacman -Syu; beep’

I use this alias for a long time already. I don’t remember if i ever used with overwrite option though, i’ll pay attention next time.

OBS: I guess is the beep function that doesn’t open space to the extra option :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yeah, that won’t work. You pacman command ends with the ;.

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Oh, I didn’t notice the alias part, sorry for the noise then :slight_smile:

For people that have a “single” alias without multiples commands it should work then.

I guess i’ll rewrite the alias into a function to support extra options…

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See the problems i cause when i post a fix! :joy:

Edit: And i don’t even know anything! :grimacing:


Much better defence than I had! All I can claim is too many years with .buntu’s :grin:


I’m not a buntu fan! Except for Mint! :rofl: Cinnamon of course!

When I started there, Mint was an idea far in the future! (6.06). If I remember right, Mint was a reaction to the Unity direction of Ubuntu - which I found far superior to the alternatives (although Cinnamon isn’t bad now!). I wish 'buntu hadn’t dropped Unity - but OTOH Gnome forced me onto Arch and XFE!


That’s kind of why i don’t like Ubuntu. When ever anyone who doesn’t know much of linux hears the word they only think linux is Ubuntu. I also hate it because it’s always just been Gnome… Gnome is not my friend. I like Manjaro Gnome, Solus Gnome and PopOS Gnome… but not Ubuntu Gnome. :face_vomiting:

No i didn’t so you are probably right. I don’t know all these things. Is it just backslash it won’t show or certain characters?

No, lots of things. Especially things that look like html.

For example, try doing this outside a code block and look at the preview <blah>

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I’ve noticed that some before - but wasn’t sure of the cause. I normally use angle brackets around a keypress…
but it just disappears. Like everything, though, it can be worked around :grin:


It probably is trying to do text formatting when code blocks are not used.

I guess some of it requires additional plugins, for example I haven’t managed to get LaTeX formatting to work :confused:

Discourse, like Wordpress, do need plugins to get certain functions in the forum. The downside is, that plugins are often the cause of breaking or hanging during maintenance updates.

The last three months I had to rebuild the forum 12 times and go through hoops to get it back on, just because the plugins broke the system. In that respect, Discourse shares a simularity with Arch.

Therefore I’m not so keen on adding more plugins to the forum, unless it really is limiting the possibilities for you guys.


For me personally this forum has all the functionality that I’d probably ever need :smile:

:scream: It’s certainly much more complicated than I thought. Thank you so much for all the hard work you’re doing :slight_smile:


Discourse is officially still in Beta phase, hence the instability.


At least- we HOPE that’s the cause of the instability! Thanks again for the efforts you make on our behalf - it IS appreciated…